homes that inspire.

What the what?  Another blog post so soon after the last.  Yep!  But I'm not going to get ahead of myself.  I've just been feeling really inspired by gorgeous homes as of late and had to share some of that.  These colors, textures, and spaces have me feeling all sorts of giddy.  And hello, can we talk about that first photo.  That indoor - outdoor space.  Gimme, gimme, pretty please.

shop modern sequins.

Well hello there old friends.  Wow, I really got off the blogging train, didn't I?  I'm not going to sit here and pretend like I'm going to start blogging daily again, but I did want to pop by.  First off, I wanted to let you all know that there is now a "shop" as part of modern sequins.  yayyyy!  I've always wanted to sell a few curated items on this site, and I finally got it together and did it.  My mom and I made a few handmade goods (including some adorable 100% alpaca baby beanies) and I'm really excited to be sharing them with you here.  So, take a look HERE and let me know what you think.  

hoping to adopt.

We are sooooo excited to announce that we are hoping to adopt.  Our story was featured on small fry blog and I also wanted to share it here.  Thank you again for the outpouring of love and support.  G and I have felt it.  We are so excited to be that much closer to our little.


Hi, we are Myka and Georges.  We’ve been together for 14 (yes 14!) years.  We married 4 years ago and started trying to have a baby immediately.  We always knew we wanted to be parents and we were so excited to grow our little family.  Well, our journey took a different route then we anticipated.  4 years of trying to start our family and simply said it did not happened for us (you can read more about it herehere and here).

So, we are very very very excited to announce, that we have started the adoption process.  We have completed our home study and are currently waiting to be matched.  Our hearts our open and we are so very happy to see where this journey takes us. “our journey to our little.”

xo, Myka + Georges

hello again.

hello hello hello.  Wow, I've been on quite the little blogging hiatus.  And I've truly missed it.  Why did I take a break?  Life.  ha!  Yep, things got busy and well some things had to give.  And I'm sad to say that my little blog took a back seat.  But I'm backity back and feeling so great about it.  I started this blog as a creative outlet and a way to share my inspirations.  So it has definitely felt weird to not really have this little space to write and share my thoughts, but here I am.  So, stay tuned for some fun new features.  And as you can see, not only has the blog taken on a new look, but it is now a part of a new modern sequins website.  Yep, new things are happening around here and I thought it was about time to make this little space into an actual site.  And I have to give a big huge thank you to Kelly Curran for creating the new logo and entire look of this new site.  She was a pleasure to work with and I highly recommend her services. thanks Kelly.

Excited to share some new modern sequins projects with you in the near future.  Enjoy the rest of the holiday weekend. xoxo.

new year, new food.

Happy Monday!  As we head into this new year, I've been making an effort to spend time in a new place, the kitchen.  Uh huh, you heard that right.  Last year I made a few soups and simple appetizers.  Now, don't get to thinking that I'm gonna get all crazy and whip up some 5 course dinner...yay, not gonna happen.  But I do plan on making even more of an effort on making meals this year.  Please do remember though, a cheese plate to me is totally a reasonable meal, so I'm starting out slow and these below dishes are giving me major inspiration.

{soup}, {bruschetta}, {watermelon}

new year's sparkle.

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday.  I got to snuggle my niece and nephews which was the highlight for me.  And now I am looking forward to New Year's Eve.  I mean, not like I need another excuse to wear sequins, but hey it is an excuse to buy a new shiny outfit.  Right?!?  Here are a few looks that I've been eyeing.

{1}, {2}, {3}, {4}

happy holidays!

So, just when I got back into the blogging swing, the holidays crept up on me, and it's time to take another little break.  I will be back later this week to share some more inspiration and ummmmm maybe some new year's eve dresses that I've been eyeing.  Wishing you all a very happy holiday from my little family to yours.  {here's a look at last year's minty celebration.}



Blogging two days in a row?  I am back in action people.  And so excited to share everthing that I've been working on during my blog hiatus.  So, here's a fun project I worked on a bit ago.  I created the decor for Blogshop in San Francisco, alongside Danielle's beautiful florals.  Bri is so creative, so it was amazing to make some fun decor for her class.  I created some "florals to go" boxes that truly became one of my favorite projects ever.  Danielle made the most beautiful arragements and I felt that at the end of day, they should go home with each blogshop student...thus the "to go" boxes.  I also made some fun gold leaf head wraps for each student to wear. {Stay tuned, as I plan on making more that will be up for sale in the future.}  I adorned the front entrance with gold-leafed feathers.  And lastly, I designed a big backdrop for photos, which Danielle adorned with the most gorgeous blooms.  Truly one of my fave projects that I've worked on to date. 

{photos by Angela Kohler, with exception of feather photo} {feather photo by @ericamariemarr}

white like a unicorn.

What what, I'm actually blogging again.  Yes, I am back.  Sorry for the radio silence, but I've been a bit busy over here.  I am so excited to share some projects that I have been working on.  First off, is this amazing shoot I styled along with Tori for Glitter Guide!  We kind of went completely over the top and created this whimisical wonderland filled with lots of texture and you know, some sparkly unicorns.  I mean, it's pretty much what our glittery dreams are made of.  Check out more on Glitter Guide.


{Photography: Delbarr Moradi}, {Styling: Sitting in a Tree + Modern Sequins}, {Concept: Glitter GuideSitting in a Tree}, {Flowers: Natalie Bowen Designs}, {Chairs: One True Love Vintage}, {Linens: La Tavola}, {Makeup & Hair: 1011 Makeup}, {Desserts: Pretty Please SF}, {Wine: One Hope Wine}, {Invitation & Unicorn Poster: Kelli Murray}, {Plastic Unicorn Cutouts: Pitbulls & Posies}, {Glassware & Plates: Frances Lane}, {Studio & Jewelry: Margaret Elizabeth}, {Glitter Garland Photo Backdrop: Striped Cat Studio}, {Models: All mentioned above except Caitlin Flemming + Julia Hengel}


I am so excited to share this shoot I styled over on Style Me Pretty living.  Shot by the amazing Melanie, and with lots of help from our friends, One True Love Vintage, Frances Lane, The Aerialist Press, Edyta, Susan, and my husband G.  I love doing styled shoot, but at the end of the day, I'm always a little sad that no one is actually going to enjoy the pretty tablescape.  So, Melanie and I decided to host a Friendsgiving party after for everyone involved.  It was an amazing afternoon.  Check out all of the photos here.

{photos by Melanie}