Blogging two days in a row?  I am back in action people.  And so excited to share everthing that I've been working on during my blog hiatus.  So, here's a fun project I worked on a bit ago.  I created the decor for Blogshop in San Francisco, alongside Danielle's beautiful florals.  Bri is so creative, so it was amazing to make some fun decor for her class.  I created some "florals to go" boxes that truly became one of my favorite projects ever.  Danielle made the most beautiful arragements and I felt that at the end of day, they should go home with each blogshop student...thus the "to go" boxes.  I also made some fun gold leaf head wraps for each student to wear. {Stay tuned, as I plan on making more that will be up for sale in the future.}  I adorned the front entrance with gold-leafed feathers.  And lastly, I designed a big backdrop for photos, which Danielle adorned with the most gorgeous blooms.  Truly one of my fave projects that I've worked on to date. 

{photos by Angela Kohler, with exception of feather photo} {feather photo by @ericamariemarr}

white like a unicorn.

What what, I'm actually blogging again.  Yes, I am back.  Sorry for the radio silence, but I've been a bit busy over here.  I am so excited to share some projects that I have been working on.  First off, is this amazing shoot I styled along with Tori for Glitter Guide!  We kind of went completely over the top and created this whimisical wonderland filled with lots of texture and you know, some sparkly unicorns.  I mean, it's pretty much what our glittery dreams are made of.  Check out more on Glitter Guide.


{Photography: Delbarr Moradi}, {Styling: Sitting in a Tree + Modern Sequins}, {Concept: Glitter GuideSitting in a Tree}, {Flowers: Natalie Bowen Designs}, {Chairs: One True Love Vintage}, {Linens: La Tavola}, {Makeup & Hair: 1011 Makeup}, {Desserts: Pretty Please SF}, {Wine: One Hope Wine}, {Invitation & Unicorn Poster: Kelli Murray}, {Plastic Unicorn Cutouts: Pitbulls & Posies}, {Glassware & Plates: Frances Lane}, {Studio & Jewelry: Margaret Elizabeth}, {Glitter Garland Photo Backdrop: Striped Cat Studio}, {Models: All mentioned above except Caitlin Flemming + Julia Hengel}


I am so excited to share this shoot I styled over on Style Me Pretty living.  Shot by the amazing Melanie, and with lots of help from our friends, One True Love Vintage, Frances Lane, The Aerialist Press, Edyta, Susan, and my husband G.  I love doing styled shoot, but at the end of the day, I'm always a little sad that no one is actually going to enjoy the pretty tablescape.  So, Melanie and I decided to host a Friendsgiving party after for everyone involved.  It was an amazing afternoon.  Check out all of the photos here.

{photos by Melanie}

overalls part 2.

Well I did jump on the bandwagon earlier this year and purchase a pair of overalls.  And I would like to admit that I love them.  Yep, there I said it.  Hmmmmm, now my eyes have narrowed in on this faux leather version.  It remains to be seen if I will also take the plunge on these.  But while I'm at it, I also added in a few accessories that would be perfect additions to this outfit.

{overalls}, {bag}, {sunnies}

fall fashion.

Dear Zara, I want every single piece of clothing in your fall-winter campaign.  I just can't get enough of the pairing of black and navy.  Oh and hello floral dresses.  I've gotta make you mine.  Check out more of the goodies here.


a beanie please.

This look is perfect and it reminds me of why I love the city we live in so much.  Layering is a part of my daily dressing and I can't get enough of a little faux leather jacket over a girly white dress.  And when fall/winter hits, you know I'll be adding a beanie into the mix.


the relaxed pant.

When I'm reaching for a pair of pants, I'm almost always drawn to the relaxed-slouchy pant.  I mean, is it acceptable to admit that it's kind of like wearing your pjs outside?!?  They are seriously that comfy and I can't seem to get enough.  And I'm really loving that bow detail on the black pair.  Come to me pretty please.

{black}, {chevron}, {floral}

beachy hair please.

I've been all sorts of obsessed with wavy "look at me, I just got out of the ocean" hair lately.  I wish I could say that my mane was easily manipulated into this gorgeous messy look, but the truth is, it takes some serious work.  But I'm willing to do it.  I love this intentionally undone look.

{blonde}, {ombre}

polished + comfortable.

Yep, these little outfits are exactly the Fall uniform I'm looking for.  A little faux leather skirt and a comfy (ie. slouchy) top are exactly what I will be sporting.  And of course I'll be throwing on some flats for the day (I seriously can't take the bus in heels) and rocking heels at night.  Helllooooo fall wardrobe.

{all black}, {grey sweatshirt}, {blue jacket}

festival fashion.

I find so much fashion inspiration just walking around and checking out other girl's "street style".  One of my ultimate fave spots to find stylish outfits is at festivals.  I swear, everyone kicks it up a notch as they go and watch their favorite bands on a sunny summer afternoon.  Here are some looks that I'm loving at the moment.

{kimono}, {white maxi}, {crochet top}, {maxi}