hoping to adopt.

We are sooooo excited to announce that we are hoping to adopt.  Our story was featured on small fry blog and I also wanted to share it here.  Thank you again for the outpouring of love and support.  G and I have felt it.  We are so excited to be that much closer to our little.


Hi, we are Myka and Georges.  We’ve been together for 14 (yes 14!) years.  We married 4 years ago and started trying to have a baby immediately.  We always knew we wanted to be parents and we were so excited to grow our little family.  Well, our journey took a different route then we anticipated.  4 years of trying to start our family and simply said it did not happened for us (you can read more about it herehere and here).

So, we are very very very excited to announce, that we have started the adoption process.  We have completed our home study and are currently waiting to be matched.  Our hearts our open and we are so very happy to see where this journey takes us. “our journey to our little.”

xo, Myka + Georges