new year's sparkle.

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday.  I got to snuggle my niece and nephews which was the highlight for me.  And now I am looking forward to New Year's Eve.  I mean, not like I need another excuse to wear sequins, but hey it is an excuse to buy a new shiny outfit.  Right?!?  Here are a few looks that I've been eyeing.

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hellloooo, sequins pants.

I'm sorry, but these are a complete necessity, right?!?  That price tag is not calling my name, but those white shiny sequins sure are.  Ekkkkkk, help me find a cheaper pair, pretty please.  


a sparkly nye.

While these photos were not taken on New Year's Eve, this is the fun dress that I wore for the occasion.  I spotted this AllSaints dress many many many months ago and then proceeded to stalk it online until it went on sale.  YES!  Sometimes it pays off to wait a bit for something you covet.  New Year's Eve was chilly here in the city, so I threw on a pair of tights and changed up the shoes to a closed toe pair.  This little dress is definitely something that will be making many more appearances throughout this year.  And huge thanks to sweet Caroline for the photos.

{photos by caroline}

i'm selling some sequins.

I have officially jumped on the "selling my overflowing closet" via instagram bandwagon.  If you are interested in some sparkly dresses and fun items, please follow @shopmodernsequins on instagram and check out the details.  It starts today, Thursday 11/29.  Hope you find something sparkly for the holidays.

simple sparkle.

I created a look similar to these a few weeks ago and really wish I would have snapped a photo.  Oh well, guess that just means I will have to sport it again soon.  I love mixing something super sparkly (like a sequin skirt or dress) with something super casual (a simple white tee or a fitted sweatshirt).  So cute, right?

{white sweater}, {black booties} photo by {Laura Novak}, {gold skirt}

holiday dress code.

I know, I know, it's not even Halloween yet, and I'm already talking about what to wear to your holiday parties.  But the honest truth is that the holidays are fast approaching and it's never to early to shop for that perfect cocktail dress!  I for one am in no need of a sequins dress (Did I really just write that?  I mean, sequins are always in need...right?).   Well if you don't have a sequins den nearby to raid, then I suggest you run out and scoop up this number.  The sequins plus ruffles plus raw hemming plus cutout back are kind of making my heart race.  Love it!


a few of my faves.

I'm been trying (rather unsuccesfully) to put a halt on shopping.  I've been looking around our home and truly appreciating all of the "stuff" that we already have.  Like our bourgie lamp and my favorite pair of lace booties.  And I've also been figuring out ways to wear what I already have in my closet with different pieces.  Like my new go-to date night outfit, pairing any of my sequins skirts (or dresses) with a chambray top.  A little sparkle and a little jean is the way to go.  And to top it all off?  Well, you can never go wrong some in your life.  I own two of the gold hearts that I wear in my hair, on my shirts, and as shoe clips.  They are golden heaven!


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