white like a unicorn.

What what, I'm actually blogging again.  Yes, I am back.  Sorry for the radio silence, but I've been a bit busy over here.  I am so excited to share some projects that I have been working on.  First off, is this amazing shoot I styled along with Tori for Glitter Guide!  We kind of went completely over the top and created this whimisical wonderland filled with lots of texture and you know, some sparkly unicorns.  I mean, it's pretty much what our glittery dreams are made of.  Check out more on Glitter Guide.


{Photography: Delbarr Moradi}, {Styling: Sitting in a Tree + Modern Sequins}, {Concept: Glitter GuideSitting in a Tree}, {Flowers: Natalie Bowen Designs}, {Chairs: One True Love Vintage}, {Linens: La Tavola}, {Makeup & Hair: 1011 Makeup}, {Desserts: Pretty Please SF}, {Wine: One Hope Wine}, {Invitation & Unicorn Poster: Kelli Murray}, {Plastic Unicorn Cutouts: Pitbulls & Posies}, {Glassware & Plates: Frances Lane}, {Studio & Jewelry: Margaret Elizabeth}, {Glitter Garland Photo Backdrop: Striped Cat Studio}, {Models: All mentioned above except Caitlin Flemming + Julia Hengel}

style session, take 2.

Remember that DVF dress that I was head over heels in love with?  Well, I finally scooped it up when it was on sale at Nordstrom and haven't really stopped wearing it since.  I even did a second little style session on Glitter Guide showing how I'd wear it to brunch with the girls, then out to dinner with my husband.  Check it all out here.  Huge thanks to Taylor for having me again and of course to Caroline for the photos.  

{dress}, {glitter guide, photos by Caroline}

style session.

Happy Monday!  Hope everyone had an amazing weekend.  We had such a blast celebrating G's birthday (more on that to come), and then I woke up this morning to see my styling session on Glitter Guide!  YAY!  Check out how I styled a chambray shirt two ways.  Oh and by the way, I bought that chambray shirt at Target for $20 and literally wear it all of the time!  I love a good bargain (similar shirt).  And a special thanks to Caroline (and Donna) for capturing these photos and creating such a fun day!


glitter guide.

Eeeeekkkkk, I'm so very excited to be able to share the shoot I styled for Glitter Guide.  It was such a blast and I can't thank Taylor enough for asking me to be part of this fun "5 Summer Looks" shoot.  Check out more here.

A super big shout out to all of the people involved.  

Overall concept and art directionTaylorMakeupAlexia Ogle of Faux LashModel: Kaitlyn Fitzpatrick of JE Model SF (and Kaitlyn's cute mom did her hair for the shoot), Glitter Guide Assistant: Lauren MichellePhotography: Isaac Miller and Joelle Wagner at Blue Sky LightGrid Studios

And a few behind-the-scenes photos of our awesome day!