dark side.

And as I continue my love affair with an all black ensemble, these two beauties need to join in on the fun.  I seriously can't stop thinking about these fringe pants.  And these cutout booties are gorgeous.  Ugh, now the question is, what must I part with in my closet to make some much needed room.

{pants}, {shoes}

hair + clothes.

My go to look is usually hair down and a white maxi dress, but I have been trying to change it up a bit this summer.  Instead trying out new hair styles...hello top knot {1} and my new favorite, the low bun {2}.  I've also been sporting some all black ensembles {3} which is way out of my normal comfort zone, but I may now be a total convert.  And I recently purchased this hat from The Oxford Trunk that I've been wearing non-stop {similar to 4}.  Don't you think that it feels really good to change up your every day wardrobe routine?

hello xoxo.

Yay, so excited to tell you that my first post is live today up on HelloXOXO.  Just to give you a little info, "HelloXOXO is an all-inclusive nest where ladies of all ages come together to enrich themselves and their community through philanthropy, mentoring, book and supper clubs, deep conversations, all while exploring their inner artisan."  I'm a contriubting blogger to the site and feel so incredibly happy to be a part of the amazing community.  I'll be posting over there once a month, so be sure to check back.

minty romper.

My love of rompers continues, and I mean can you blame me for loving this beauty?  I had to scoop it up last week.  That minty color and the fabric details were simply too hard to resist.  This little pretty will definitely be in heavy rotation well into Fall.


romping around.

I mean, does it really get any cuter then a romper?  Nope!  I think they are the perfect summer staple.  Throw one on over your suit at a pool party, or dress one up with heels for a dinner out.  I really can't get enough.

{crochet}, {blue}, {cream}, {sleeves}

fashion inspiration.

Some weeks I just keep reaching for the same thing in my closet day after day (yep, I'm talking about you white maxi dress).  So yesterday I started scouring the web for some new fashion inspiration and these gems caught my eye.  Jean on jean, aka the canadian tuxedo...thoughts?  Well I wore a similar version of this last night and actually kind of liked it.  And an all black ensemble during the summer?  If you pair some chic black shorts with a loose top, I'm all about it.

{jeans}, {black}

fashion rules.

I couldn't agree more with this quote.  I like to experiment with fashion.  Why not?  I once worked in a showroom for an amazing furniture manufacturer.  It was a modern furniture company and they were fine with us dressing a little more fashion forward.  One day I wore a super ruffly dress in a bright color (with a blazer) and one of my fave clients came in.  He said to me "wow, that's quite the dress.  It kind of looks like something my daughter would wear to school...on wacky wednesday...she's in kindergarten".  I laughed out loud.  While my co-workers seemed to look on in horror, I was smiling from ear to ear.  I liked the fact that I was dressing a bit crazy, dressing just the way I wanted.  So I completely agree, "forget the rules, if you like it, wear it"!


hellloooo, sequins pants.

I'm sorry, but these are a complete necessity, right?!?  That price tag is not calling my name, but those white shiny sequins sure are.  Ekkkkkk, help me find a cheaper pair, pretty please.  


dreamy style.

Hope none of you are having a case of the Mooondays, but if you are, just look at these dreamy outfits to distract your mind.  I'm a girl who loves a good flowy dress, tunic, or caftan and these are all calling to me.  

{blue}, {cream}, {black fringe}, {mint}