When I'm heading out the door for dinner, I most often reach for a clutch to throw in all of my necessities (ie. lipstick, phone, keys, etc).  Whether it be white and subdued or a pop of color, I really can't seem to get enough.  Here are few that have recently caught my eye.  Eeeekkk, is it bad that I want all four?  A girl can dream.

{1}, {2}, {3}, {4}

a beanie please.

This look is perfect and it reminds me of why I love the city we live in so much.  Layering is a part of my daily dressing and I can't get enough of a little faux leather jacket over a girly white dress.  And when fall/winter hits, you know I'll be adding a beanie into the mix.


hats hats hats.

Are you more of a fedora or floppy hat wearing person?  I can't decide for myself.  I love both.  Depending on my mood (and how my hair is acting that day), I like to change it up a bit.  I purchased this fedora and am kind of obsessed.  I think it's a great transition accessory as we head into fall.

{camel}, {navy}, {black}, {green}

hair + clothes.

My go to look is usually hair down and a white maxi dress, but I have been trying to change it up a bit this summer.  Instead trying out new hair styles...hello top knot {1} and my new favorite, the low bun {2}.  I've also been sporting some all black ensembles {3} which is way out of my normal comfort zone, but I may now be a total convert.  And I recently purchased this hat from The Oxford Trunk that I've been wearing non-stop {similar to 4}.  Don't you think that it feels really good to change up your every day wardrobe routine?

wrap it up.

For those days when my hair is not cooperating I either reach for a hat or a headwrap.  Something to quickly throw on to look somewhat pulled together and to catch any flyaways.  I even love grabbing one of my favroite scarves and tying it into a makeshift wrap.

{pink}, {black}, {blush}, {blue}

spring is definitely here.

I picked up these 2 items last week and thank goodness cause they ended up being in constant rotation this weekend.  From a little photoshoot (can't wait to show the photos from Melanie), a night out with friends, and a sunday funday bbq in the most gorgeous weather....these little gems kept me feeling cool in the spring sunshine.

{dress}, {hat}

tassel party.

Whether it's an accent on a scarf or a full blown gorgeous garland, I am a big fan of the tassel.  I mean, how amazing would one of those garlands look in your home?  Please go and buy one so I won't and can live vicaroiusly through you.  This girl needs to put a hold on buying any more household items, but it's hard to stop with all of these beauties out there. 

{scarfs}, {garland pink}, {garland blue}

constant rotation.

Do you have a few key pieces in your closet that you seem to gravitate towards every day?  I certainly do.  I haven't been able to put this clutch down since snatching it up.  And I've paired this faux leather top with skirts, pants, and shorts.  I'm seldom drawn to black in my wardrobe, but this piece is changing my mind.

{clutch}, {top}

blush goodness.

I mean, come on...I really really really truly feel like I need both of these goodies.  I'm certainly a sucker for anything with feathers so that clutch is kind of begging to find it's way to me.  And that dress is so delicate and oh so pretty.

{clutch}, {dress}