a valentine's diy.

Happy Valentine's Day.  Like I mentioned yesterday, my husband and I don't really celebrate the holiday, but this year I decided to make some fun valentines.  I created a few cards and a few canvas bags filled with candy.  I wanted to share how to create these little bags.  It's super easy to do at home.


canvas bags (I bought mine here in bulk, but you can get them at Michaels or Paper Source), ink jet tshirt transfer paper, a printer, iron, towel, candy.

what to do:

1. I started by making a simple design in adobe illustrator.  You can also make something on word it you don't have illustrator.  

2. After you have finished the image, you need to mirror the image.  (varies slightly from program, but you will need to rotate the image by flipping it horizontally so that it is backwards).

3. Print out the image on the transfer paper, then cut down to size.

4. Put down a towel, then place the image down where you want it on the canvas bag, image side down.  

5. Iron the image on the bag (I also put a small piece of cardboard into the canvas bag just so the front and back of the bag were well separated).  Wait for it to cool down, then pull the backing off of the transfer paper.

6. Add candy and give to your valentine.