happy five years little home.

Today marks five years that we have lived here in our little home in San Francisco.  I still kind of can't believe that it's been that long.  When we moved here from San Diego I was beyond excited, and I have to say, that excitement hasn't faded throughout the years.  I truly love living here.  We've been lucky enough to have our home photographed twice over the past years.  A feature on The Collection, photographed by the amazing Edyta showing our home and my closet.  Then another feature on Glitter Guide photographed by the adorable Caroline (although it's not specifically about our house, there are many photos showing our artwork and little corners of our space that we love).  I can't thank these ladies enough for capturing our space so nicely.  They are photos that G and I will always love.  Oh and how can I not mention that once upon a time Rue Magazine's blog also wrote some super sweet words about our apartment.  Hey, we may only have 650 square feet of space, but I assure you that every square foot is filled with love (cheesy, I know, but so true).  And I have to give a huge shout out to my husband G who also has an eye for interior design and pretty much lets me do anything I want in our home no matter how crazy it might sound at first.

it's summer.

Today it is freezing out.  Like grab a jacket before you head out the door kind of coldness.  Here in the city we were a little spoiled the last few days with sunny warm weather, but apparently our "true summer" has hit.  But I refuse to pull out my jeans and am instead throwing on a maxi skirt, a thin sweater and throwing on a lightweight jacket.  Layers, layers, layers.