gold, yes please.

Ok, so how do I get a foil machine into my home asap?  Seriously, this girl can emboss with the best of them using gold ink & embossing powder, but really it's just not the same thing as gold foiling.  It looks so amazing and I wish I could do it to every piece of stationery I work on.  Alas, I guess for the time being, it's best to leave it up to the printing experts, but I sure do wish I could DIY this at home.  Sad gold face over here.


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little quotes.

I spotted these two adorable little journals at Target today, and I instantly fell in love with the quotes printed on their covers.  Both of these ring so true to me right now.  I think they would definitely make perfect little gifts for any girl in your life.

{photos from my instagram @modernsequins}


How was your long weekend?  Ours was awesome, and for a weekend when we didn't really have a lot of solid plans, we managed to do A LOT.  We went to a birthday party, saw a movie, did a little shopping, went swimming, and met friends for drinks.  Our friend also put together a little last minute party to celebrate the 75th anniversay of the golden gate bridge and it was a blast!  We ate pizza at their house and then hiked up to the top of pacific heights to watch the amazing fireworks.  So much fun!  Now that the long weekend is over (boo!), it's time to get started on some long overdue projects.  First up, I'm helping with the planning of a friend's birthday party.  Time to gather some invitation inspiration.

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