modern budget. 11.

Well hello there October.  You crept up on me.  But I must admit that I am SO excited that fall is here and I feel like my wardrobe and beauty routine are slowly starting to transition.  Ummm and when I spotted these booties online I may have squealed a bit.  I mean, I must admit that I haven't actually tried these on yet, but you best believe that I will be running to the nearest f21 to see if they are comfy, cause they are pretty darn cute (and only $42.80)!  Every year I stock up on these Target tights cause they are the best I've ever found.  Yeahhhh, here's to fall layers on a shopping budget. p.s. I always end up buying beanies from the guy's section.  I just love the slouchy fit wayyy better then the lady's versions.

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modern budget. 10.

What the what, it's been far too long since I've posted a modern budget piece, so here I am.  After the fun filled wedding weekend, we hopped on the road and you know I just had to stop by a Target and try to snag a purse from the latest collaboration with Phillip Lim.  Unfortunately I was too late and they were all sold out, but I did pick up these booties and they are insane!  They will be in heavy rotation this fall.  And what would I pair with these shoes?  My two favorite looks as of late are the floral dress and black/white ensemble.  Hello fall time, I am so ready for you!

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modern budget. 9.

As you can clearly see, my black & white obsession continues in today's modern budget style post.  But hey, I did manage to throw in a bit of color with that kimono.  Every piece of clothing I'm wearing here is super old.  I'm a true believer in wearing my clothes over and over again, just styling them up in different ways.  And if a piece sits in my closet for too long without wear, it's time to say good-bye.  I bought that kimono at forever21 like 4 years ago, and it's still in heavy rotation.  So, while there aren't any direct links today (with the exception of the hat), I found some nicely priced alternatives for you.  Enjoy!  And thank you Melanie for the pics.

{hat, similar $16.00}, {top is old Zara, similar $12.00}, {kimono is old forever21, similar $49.99, similar $18.80 shhhh no one will know it's a robe if you lose the belt}, {leggings are old Zara, similar $17.80}, {shoes are old Dolce Vita, similar $36.90}

modern budget. 8.

The famous quote "the coldest winter I ever spent, was a summer in San Francisco" is not far from the truth.  As summer approaches, instead of grabbing our thin / light clothing, we are pretty much reaching for our jackets.  Not that I mind one bit (shhhhhh, I actually really like the cold weather).  So this outfit is inspired by our cold summers here in the city.  Lots of layers and of course a lip color with a pop.  And I'm finally wearing this jacket!  Thanks again Melanie for the pics.

{beanie $15}, {jacket $34.98}, {chambray is old from target, similar $24.80}, {pants $19.80}, {shoes are old from from nine west, similar $39.80}, {rings $9.50}, {lipstick $6.99}

modern budget. 7.

Eeeekkkk, I am so very excited to share this post with you.  You know I've been taking pics of myself in the dressing room of forever21 and posting under the tag "modern budget".  Well, "modern budget" got a brand new makeover that I am SO happy about.  I teamed up with the amazing Melanie Duerkopp to bring this idea to a whole new level.  We trekked around to shoot some pics of me in some of my fave outfits.  Melanie was sooooooo great to work with.  A huge thank you!  Please enjoy the new modern budget, where I show you how to style budget friendly pieces, outside of the dressing room (it's about time, right?).  

This first look features one of my favorite pieces of clothing, a yellow sequins sweater that I got from Susan at a clothing swap my sweet friend Natalie hosted.  I mean, isn't it kind of amazing that my fave piece from this outfit was FREE?!?  I just love that.  The boots are always in heavy rotation as is this jacket (both at under $40 a piece).  I grew up thrift shopping with my mom and to this day, finding a bargain makes me smile.  Hope you all enjoy my take on shopping on a budget.

{dress is old free people, similar, similar, similar}, {jacket $37.80}, {FREE sweater from a clothing swap, similar}, {shoes $34.99}

the girl's section.

If you follow me on instagram then you already know about this little deal, but I just had to share the bargain of the year with the rest of you.  I found this tassel-sleeve dress in the girl's section at old navy for $8.  Yes, $8!  It's selling online for $18, which is also a great deal...but run to your local store to see if you can find it at the lower price.  And a lot of people were asking me about sizing.  I bought an XL for the length (I'm 5'8"), but if you are shorter you can definitely go with a smaller size.  It's pretty baggy.  Uhhhh hello, and cinco de mayo is this weekend.  Wouldn't this be the perfect little dress to wear to a party this Sunday?  I think YES!


modern budget. six.

Are you scared of harem pants?  I was too, until I found this pair.  Yes, I get it, they are basically hammer pants, but I swear these are so comfy and still have style.  You'll want to wear them!  And you know what, at that price (under $20), it's fine if you only wear them a few times then donate them to someone who might love their MC hammer style more then you.  Come on, give the harem pant a chance.  Oh and did you notice which top I wore with said pants?!?  The one I told you I can't stop wearing.  I wasn't kidding.  Happy Friday!


modern budget. five.

I'm really not a little black dress kind of girl, but I definitely AM a little white dress kind of gal.  I have, ummmm too many to count, little white and cream dresses hanging in my closet and I love them all.  I definitely think this little lace number should be added to my collection.

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modern budget {on the beach}. four

Is anyone else day dreaming about a beachy getaway?  I am!  I mean, just look at this photo taken in Greece.  That water is seriously calling my name.  And of course you need a cute suit to rock on that sand.  I recently purchased this one piece from Forever21 and I am in love with it.  Really, any excuse to wear this suit is fine with me.  I think a hot tub is more likely to appear in my near future, but I'm still dreaming about that turquoise water.

{beach} {suit}

modern budget. three.

So I'm back again with another modern budget post and ummmm I guess you are wondering why I didn't just call these series of posts, "modern forever21"....since that seems to be the only place I've been going lately.  The thing is, I know most people think, are you kidding me?  Who can shop at Forever 21 that is over the age of, I don't know, say 21?!?!?  Well, I would like to point out that I am well over the age of 21.  Yes, a lot of the items in this store are made for stick thin 14 year olds, but not everything is.  I am definitely not a petite little girl.  I am 5' 8" and I have hips for days (yay, I said's true).  And I am able to find a variety of items to wear there.  I just size up in their pants and steer clear of any dresses that are form fitting.  And if you still aren't convinced and don't want to try and sort through piles of clothes at the store, don't worry, that's why I'm do it for you.  I hope you enjoy these posts cause they are really fun to put together.

It's no secret that I'm a big fan of dresses.  This one is made of the softest material and it's black people...a color I rarely ever wear but I am trying to incorporate more into my wardrobe.  And do we even need to talk about the price?  It's a steal at $15.80.  This jacket ($39.80), well it's pretty much the cutest and most versatile item that I've come across in a long time.  You NEED it. 

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