modern budget. 11.

Well hello there October.  You crept up on me.  But I must admit that I am SO excited that fall is here and I feel like my wardrobe and beauty routine are slowly starting to transition.  Ummm and when I spotted these booties online I may have squealed a bit.  I mean, I must admit that I haven't actually tried these on yet, but you best believe that I will be running to the nearest f21 to see if they are comfy, cause they are pretty darn cute (and only $42.80)!  Every year I stock up on these Target tights cause they are the best I've ever found.  Yeahhhh, here's to fall layers on a shopping budget. p.s. I always end up buying beanies from the guy's section.  I just love the slouchy fit wayyy better then the lady's versions.

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pretty whites.

I have definitely been changing things up in my wardrobe by incorporating more pattern and even some black pieces.  But when I'm in a fashion rut (or really just have no time and want to fly out the door), I reach for my old staple of an all white ensemble.  Here are some pretty pieces I wouldn't mind reaching for.

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modern budget. six.

Are you scared of harem pants?  I was too, until I found this pair.  Yes, I get it, they are basically hammer pants, but I swear these are so comfy and still have style.  You'll want to wear them!  And you know what, at that price (under $20), it's fine if you only wear them a few times then donate them to someone who might love their MC hammer style more then you.  Come on, give the harem pant a chance.  Oh and did you notice which top I wore with said pants?!?  The one I told you I can't stop wearing.  I wasn't kidding.  Happy Friday!


modern budget. five.

I'm really not a little black dress kind of girl, but I definitely AM a little white dress kind of gal.  I have, ummmm too many to count, little white and cream dresses hanging in my closet and I love them all.  I definitely think this little lace number should be added to my collection.

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modern budget {on the beach}. four

Is anyone else day dreaming about a beachy getaway?  I am!  I mean, just look at this photo taken in Greece.  That water is seriously calling my name.  And of course you need a cute suit to rock on that sand.  I recently purchased this one piece from Forever21 and I am in love with it.  Really, any excuse to wear this suit is fine with me.  I think a hot tub is more likely to appear in my near future, but I'm still dreaming about that turquoise water.

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modern budget. three.

So I'm back again with another modern budget post and ummmm I guess you are wondering why I didn't just call these series of posts, "modern forever21"....since that seems to be the only place I've been going lately.  The thing is, I know most people think, are you kidding me?  Who can shop at Forever 21 that is over the age of, I don't know, say 21?!?!?  Well, I would like to point out that I am well over the age of 21.  Yes, a lot of the items in this store are made for stick thin 14 year olds, but not everything is.  I am definitely not a petite little girl.  I am 5' 8" and I have hips for days (yay, I said's true).  And I am able to find a variety of items to wear there.  I just size up in their pants and steer clear of any dresses that are form fitting.  And if you still aren't convinced and don't want to try and sort through piles of clothes at the store, don't worry, that's why I'm do it for you.  I hope you enjoy these posts cause they are really fun to put together.

It's no secret that I'm a big fan of dresses.  This one is made of the softest material and it's black people...a color I rarely ever wear but I am trying to incorporate more into my wardrobe.  And do we even need to talk about the price?  It's a steal at $15.80.  This jacket ($39.80), well it's pretty much the cutest and most versatile item that I've come across in a long time.  You NEED it. 

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modern budget. two.

I headed back to Forever 21 for these two jean gems.  I mean, a girl can never have too many chambray shirts in her closet, right?  I have been wearing this one pretty much every day.  I've sported it as an actual shirt and also unbottoned over a dress.  Speaking of dresses, how adorable is this denim one?  Worn with my fave booties, it's the perfect transitional piece for Spring.  And the prices, well, they are pretty amazing: shirt ($29.80), dress ($29.80), booties ($29.99).

forever21 {shirt}, forever21 {dress}, target {booties}

retail therapy.

Sometimes a little retail therapy is necessary to get you through a tough time, right?  G and I headed out and picked up a few items over the weekend.  Mind you, we don't really "need" anything, but it was a nice little outing that was much needed.  Here are a few things I scooped up.  Ummm you know, cause a faux fur vest is totally a necessity, right?!?  The sales girl laughed as I handed her the kids size XL at Zara.  She said, "This is totally for you, right?  I buy tons of the girl's clothing here in the largest size they come in because it's just as cute as the women's stuff and half the price".  True true!

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chambray revisited.

Apparently my love affair with chambray shirts has continued.  I spotted this shirt last week at F21, but didn't end up buying it.  Now I'm kinda wishing I had.  I already own 3 chambray shirts, but this one with it's polka dots is totally different.  Right?!?  Trying to convince myself, cause it's so dang cute that I really think it should be mine.


statement necklace.

When it comes down to jewelry, I'm usually quick to reach for a pile of bracelets to put on my wrists, but recently I've been really into statement necklaces.  I really love how they can turn a simple outfit into something with more interest and style.  Ummm and hello, at $7.80, I think every girl should snatch this up in a hurry.