flying florals.

I'm more then a bit obsessed with florals hanging overhead.  How amazing would it look to create something like this for a party?!?  Just adds the right amount of drama and pretty.  

p.s. I started the Pressed Juicery 3-day cleanse today and am already loving it.  More details after I finish.

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flower love.

Do you have a favorite flower?  Well the peony is up at the top of my list (along with ranunculus and dahlias).  I mean, they certainly bring a lot of happiness to any home.  Ummmm and if you haven't heard, they are now at Trader Joe's and the price can't be beat ($6.99 for a bunch).  Get over there immediately and brighten up your Monday.

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hello, monday.

Wow, where did the time go?  Is it already Monday morning, cause I'm not quite sure I'm ready for it yet.  This weekend we had a great time.  We spent some time with my mom, G's mom and my dad.  Family time is always the best and it gave me a sense of renewed energy.  And let's face it, sometimes you just need a big old hug from your parents.  Well as we head into this busy week, I thought I'd start it off with some fresh flowers.  Aren't these all oh so gorgeous?  Happy Monday!


spring is coming.

Spring time is coming and with it comes dreams of warmer weather, road trips, and time to slow down a bit.  Every spring I always pick up a pair of new sandals to carry me through the summer months.  These are definitely a contender.  I'm also making it a priority to create some floral crowns.  I created one for a photo shoot years ago, and I'm ready to try my hand at it again.  They are oh so pretty.

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happy weekend.

Cheers to a holiday weekend.  I'm so excited to have three whole days with my husband to bounce around the city.  We don't have a ton of plans, so I'm looking forward to just seeing where the weekend takes us.  Ohhhhh, and if you want to start your holiday off right, get to Trader Joe's immediately.  I was tempted to buy every single bunch of peonies they had in the store.  Gorgeous!