dipped dishes.

Oh helllloooo there gold dipped dishes.  Where have you been my whole life?  I mean, is someone kidding me?!?  These need to get into my home immediately.  And what would I put on these beauties?  Well perhaps one of my all time favorite desserts, lemon bars.  My mom honestly makes the best bars (I need to steal her recipe).  Check out this new recipe I found that adds a bit of rosemary to the crust...yum!

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This weekend I found myself in the oddest of places, the kitchen.  Ha!  My husband is the regular chef in this family, but I really am determined to learn how to make at least a few good dishes.  So this past Saturday I found myself busting out our food processor and preparing two yummy soups.  Both were equally delicious and my husband and I both had our favorites.  I leaned towards the chilled cucumber avocado soup (recipe here), while G really loved the creamy cauliflower soup (recipe here).  All in all I can definitely tell you that these recipes are super easy for someone who rarely spends time in the kitchen.  The instuctions were simple to follow and the end results were definite crowd pleasers in this home.

bake off.

I used to spend a lot of time in the kitchen baking and lately I've been missing it.  My speciality was baking up a mean cupcake, but I want to explore a bit more with making cakes.  Of course the flavor has to be great, but for me it's all about decorating the cake too.  I love using fruit and flowers to finish off a pretty little dessert.

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I am not a cook AT ALL.  I felt a little sad about that fact, so I slowly started trying out some very simple recipes at home...and you know what, I actually kind of liked it.  I felt really proud of myself afterwards and was super happy to give my husband a little break from his nightly cooking.  Now I'm itching to try out a few more recipes.  Yesterday my sister and I hit up La Boulange and devoured one of their cauliflower tarts in about 3 seconds.  It was just that delicious!  Thinking that I might need to try my hand at making one at home.  Will keep ya posted.