more chairs.

I was chatting with some friends yesterday and found myself professing my love for the Acapulco chair.  I realized, that my chair obsession hasn't been talked about here in detail recently, but I assure you, it is still around.  Eeeekkkk, don't tell my husband. :)  Whether it be designed by Eames, Panton, or Starck, I'm ALL about the stylish chair.  I mean, my husband and I live in 600 square feet so I am trying to curb my appetite for more furniture, but with so many great options, it is SO hard.  Such tough problems.  ha!  Happy Friday friends!

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chair leg love.

I am smitten with the dip dyed legs of these chairs.  Such a simple diy, that adds a big punch to an otherwise simple wood chair.  Perhaps I need to hit up some garage sales over the weekend to find some chairs in need of a little tlc.

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chair it up.

Chairs, what can I say, I love them.  I'm often times trying to justify (to myself) why my husband and I just must have another Eames or Panton or xxx, the list goes on.  But the other day I had a funny thought.  I was thinking about my favorite place to sit, and you know where that is?  The floor!  ha!  When I'm coloring with my niece & nephew, crafting for a big project, or even eating dinner...I always sit on the floor.  I guess the conclusion here is that I consider chairs to be artwork.  They don't need to be functional at all, just something beautiful to look at.  And I am lucky enough that all of our chairs are pretty.  Oh chairs, I may not sit on you all of the time, but just being able to stare at you makes me oh so happy. 


more chairs, pretty please.

First off, I have to say a super-huge-big thanks to everyone for the kind comments.  I'm so excited to be blogging again!  So, I thought I'd start off with my fave obsession, chairs.  Yes, I can't get enough of them.  I used to work for a furniture manufacturer, so I was lucky enough to have a pretty deep discount and purchase a few lovelies.  I have to admit, they are my happy place.

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And my newest obsession has turned to poufs.  We have a gold moroccan pouf, but I'm itching for more.  Please help me, I can't stop.