pressed cleanse.

I finished up day 3 of my cleanse last night and I'm feeling great.  Seriously, I did NOT feel hungry once.  I'm not sure if I mentioned it last time I did a cleanse, but it's actually hard for me to even finish all of the juice.  There really is that much of it (I was literally starting a new juice every two hours).  This round I did a Pressed Juicery cleanse and it was great.  I went to pick mine up locally so I got to modify the juices a bit to what I wanted.  The ones I picked were: greens 6, citrus 3, roots 3, citrus 4, greens 5, and vanilla almond.  I'm not sure if the vanilla almond even counts cause it pretty much tastes like dessert.  My cleansing days are far from over.  Next time I might even try it for 5-days (eeeekkk, but please don't hold me to that). 

{photos courtesy of pressed juicery}