I've been meaning to share these photos for awhile now, but it slipped my mind.  oppps!  So, finally, here are some close ups of a few of the diy projects I made for the Enjoy Events workshop.  Making the concrete vases was crazy easy.  I just followed this step-by-step video (and added a coat of gold spray paint to the top).  The hardest part was figuring out how to carry the massive bag of concrete mix from my car up to our apartment.  Note to self, do not buy heavy items from Home Depot when your husband is outta town for work. 

The gold feathers were a little departure from my normal "add gold spray paint to everything" routine.  I bought a gold leafing kit and simply applied it to the tops of the feathers.  I love how much shinier the leafing looks compared to the spray paint I usually use. 

And lastly the geode bottle stoppers.  I found this great shop in the city that sells the geodes for $0.99 and bought some cheap corks from Target (but you can use an old wine bottle cork you have laying around too).  Then I simply super glued them together.  So so so easy and I think they make the cutest gifts.