Hi ya!  We are back from a whirlwind weekend.  We had an amazing time at our friend's wedding and danced our faces off.  Then we headed back to the city to celebrate this lovely girl's birthday and rocked out again.  So much fun!  Sunday afternoon I relaxed by watching the Emmys red carpet.  I'm kind of obsessed with red carpet's in general and love seeing the star's all done up.  I gotta say that my favorite look came before the show even started, and of course it was on my girl Giuliana Rancic.  A few people have told me that I remind them of her (my personality and some of my mannerisms).  The girl is awesome in my book, so any comparison to her makes me smile!  During the "emmy countdown show" she wore this beautiful white Rafael Cennamo dress that I was obsessed with!  That girl can rock anything and this dress was a definite show stopper!  Dang just wish I could find more pics of her in it.

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