a birthday gift.

As soon as I spotted this Oh Dier sign via Tara's blog I knew that we had to have one.  I mean come on, that "you're killin' me smalls" one was plain old cracking me up.  So when it was time to find a birthday gift for G, I knew that one of these signs was the perfect present.  G and I don't normally buy one another birthday gifts.  Weird, I know.  ha!  Well it's not that we don't buy one another presents, it's more like we don't surprise each other with the gifts.  We are total dorks and when our bdays roll around we usually go shopping together and just pick out one special item.  Very anti-climatic, right?  But honestly we both kind of love spending the day roaming around helping one another find the perfect little item.  Well I went rogue this year and decided I was gonna surprise G with his gift.  The only problem, the big surprise was almost ruined when the gift showed up while I was away on a bachelorette party.  Crap!  Well I quickly made up some crazy story about how I had bought my cousin a gift on etsy and asked G not to open it cause I wanted to ship it to her in that same box.  He totally bought it (and sorry cousin Em, I didn't really buy you a gift...ha!).  I asked Oh Dier if they could do a custom piece and they were more then willing (btw, awesome etsy shop.  I highly recommend them).  I chose an acrylic white (you know our favorite color) sign, and asked them to use "love you, love your show".  It's a saying G and I always say to one another, so I knew it was just perfect.  Speaking of, people often ask us what it means and truth is I didn't entirely know.  It's just our little way of saying I totally love you.  Then I looked it up and found this definition on urban dictionary, "to be fond of someone, grow a liking to, fancy someone, intensely favor their whole being".  Yep, that about sums it up.  I love your whole being G and am so happy to share my life with you.