the loveliest party.

Opppps, Monday kind of snuck by in a hurry...but I'm here.  We had the most incredible weekend, including a surprise birthday party, a night out dancing (what? I haven't done that in who knows how long), and ended it off at the most amazing dinner party.  Jacin and her husband were the perfect hosts for a gorgeous garden dinner party.  The food was so so so delicious, and the decor...well it was just perfect.  I mean, are you kidding me with those golden pineapples, they were the cutest things ever (we even took one home & it's loving it's new spot next to our ghost chair...ha)!  All of us at the party literally could not stop snapping photos of that gorgeous table.  And of course, the friends who we spent all night laughing with were what made it the most special evening (all of these girls plus their significant others, Crystal, Taylor, Amanda, Edyta, Natalie, Jacin).  Thanks girls and guys for a wonderful night!

{images via my instagram @modernsequins}