holiday lights.

Over the weekend, we got started on a little holiday decor.  Is it a bit too early for that?  Ha, maybe, but I couldn't help myself.  I sprinkled a few string lights around our home.  I also switched up the light we have hanging in our living room.  Day-to-day we have a white tord boontje pendant light, which I love love love.  I actually have a long love affair with tord boontje.  For our wedding day I may have asked the venue to change out ALL of the lighting so we could hang our tord boontje pendant lights (and a few of my fave gehry cloud lamps).  Eeeeekkk, was that going a bit too far?  Probably...ha!  So, back to the holiday decor.  We switched out the white for a gold light and I'm loving the soft glow it casts on our living room.  Now I'm ready for the weather to cool down even a bit more and to spend evenings relaxing in our living room amongst the lights.