Oh yay, remember that one time that I said I was going to start a blog called modern sequins?  Well, here it is!  Nothing too fancy, just a little place to talk about some of my favorite things.  So, why the name?  Well I'm more then slightly obsessed with modern design, and have a major love affair with sequins.  So I thought why not combine the two.  I'll be talking about my fave fashion finds.  Ummmmm, not gonna lie I'm not exactly a "high-end" shopper, but I swear even the cheapest of finds (cough cough, F21), can look expensive when you style your look right.  And I know I'll be sharing my lastest interior design obsessions.  Like I might even admit that I have a major chair problem.  As in, I can't stop buying them even if we have absolutely no more room in our apartment for them.  I hope you enjoy getting a little glimpse into my life with my hubby.

xo, Myka

{photo by Tinywater}